Porlock is known by many as the jewel in Exmoor’s crown and is a beautiful coastal village surrounded on three sides by pretty Exmoor hills. Just 30 minutes from The Royal Oak Inn, Porlock is famous for its picturesque bay and Porlock Weir. The bay itself has received numerous accolades for cleanliness and air purity, as demonstrated by the array of flora and fauna you will experience on your visit.

Porlock Weir is two miles from the centre of the village and should definitely be part of your trip – its where you’ll find the remains of a prehistoric forest that can sometimes be seen at very low tide and a quaint little harbour. There’s a reason that Wordsworth was such a fan of this lovely Exmoor village. And if you're looking for the perfect Porlock Weir accommodation, The Royal Oak Inn is a lovely place to call home while you're away.